Monday, 31 October 2011

This is my picture journal of my raw journey.  I may seem focused on my weight loss but I lost over 100 lbs and I feel so amazing.  This has been so simple, so many people have asked me how I did it.  I ate very simply... fruits like 3 oranges or 6 bananas every breakfast, a big delicious salad for lunch and an delicious entree like zucchini pasta or curried cabbage for dinner.  I was or am religious about drinking 1 liter of water when I rise every morning, I do not eat until I have a bowel movement (TMI) or wait at least 1 hour.  I also drink another liter at night.  I try not to eat past 6pm.  I also walk 2 miles everyday but I always did that so I know it the raw foods that I can give credit to my weight lose.

I find myself filled with so much love and compassion for all life now.  Whether it be an animal or a stranger.  I look at all people and wonder what good they have in them rather than what bad.. I am able to smile and laugh with those I used to be afraid of or shy away from.  I have changed so much.  In the first few pictures I wore a size 24W or 2X I had to walk with a stick because my knees were in such pain.  In the last few pictures I am wearing now a size 6 or 4P and no more pains more diseases too... I love my raw lifestyle...


  1. Fantastic!!! I am so proud of you Toni, for all you've accomplished yourself, and for all you do to help others find their way. You are the definition of "inspiration." <3

  2. Thanks for being my friend and walking this raw journey with me Jen and Ken.. <3