Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Gall Bladder flush ...

What you will need:
2 gallons apple juice
3-4 TBSP Epson salt
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 fresh squeeze grapefruit juice

It's best to do your Flush with as little in your colon as possible.  If you are already on a 100% raw or juice fast  that's good.  I started mine off as 100% raw for 6 months but still did a 5 day juice fast.

Day 1-4
1.  Fast on juices (beetroot, celery, carrots) for 5 days
2.  Drink 1/4 gallon of apple juice per day

Day 4
1.  Drink normal juice for Breakfast and lunch and have you 1/4 gallon of apple juice.
2.  4pm drink your 1st epson salt dose - I did mine by mixing 1 TBSP of epson salts with 1/2 cup of      room temp water-BIG YUK!!
3.  6pm eat a nice fruit salad - best part of the day!!
4.  8pm another 1 TBSP epson salt
5.  10pm mix 1/2 cup of fresh grapefruit juice (squeezed from the actual fruit) with 1/2 cup olive   oil and drink it (not too bad-taste like a nutty beverage).  Go to bed.  Try to sleep on your right side in a fetal position (knees up to chest).  This is where the gallbladder is and by sleeping on it it will keep the gallbladder "open" and help pass the stones.

Day 5
1.  8am another epson salt drink.  That's it.  I passed 100's of stones starting from my 1st epson salt drink but most passed from 9am to 11 am.  You may feel crappy especially during the night and morning but when they finish coming out you will feel awesome and full of energy.

I recommending repeating this procedure in a couple of weeks.  The second time around is the best!

Although I past 100's of stones some people pass as little as one stone-this is still great and you still have flushed your gall bladder.



This comes from another site I visit and this is what they had to say on the subject of liver/gall bladder:


The greatest assault is from modern food. As you are probably aware,most of the packaged foods at the market contain chemical additives and preservatives.The list is as long as your arm and includes arsenic,hydroxide of ammonia,ascetic anhydride,sodium hypochlorite,calcium aluminum silicate and magnesium stearate,to name a few.

The most prevalent of these toxins are trans-fatty acids from hydrogenated oils,WHICH ARE IN ALMOST EVERY PACKAGED OR PROCESSED FOOD IN THE SUPERMARKET.These oils,artificially hardened by metal and hydrogen gas,produce fatty acid trans-isomers that are not natural,and your body doesn't know what to do with them.

You are the only one responsible for choosing what you put in your body.Liver toxins can be found in the food you were brought up on and that you love best!The good news is that the liver is very forgiving.Optimum liver function can be restored and even a damaged liver can be regenerated.


Some of the signals of liver distress include:

high blood pressure 
elevated cholesterol 
weight gain 
pot belly 
abdominal bloating 
irritable bowel syndrome 
hot flashes
chronic fatigue syndrome 
brownish spots on the skin(liver spots) 
compromised pancreas 

The list goes on.
Most people don't get the message and treat the symptoms with OTC or prescription drugs,which just adds more to the liver's burden,while they continue their liver-destroying lifestyles.


Fiber is an essential ingredient for a well-functioning liver.It's the garbage truck that carries away cholesterol.A diet that emphasizes legumes,whole grains,raw and lightly steamed vegetables will give you sufficient fiber to facilitate peristaltic movement.

As a rule I take about 20g of psylium powder a day,in addition to whatever fiber I eat,just to make sure.Fiber can absorb water up to 30X it's weight,so be sure to include lots of water.

When you drink water and don't consume fiber,the water will be expelled through the urinary tract without removing toxins.Toxins hamper the bile duct and pancreatic ducts and engorges the liver.This interferes with digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Yet another problem caused by improper elimination is the probability of parasites.A toxic buildup in the bowel creates an ideal environment for parasites.Incubation time is about 36 hours.So if you go 2 or 3 days without eliminating,it's a good bet that the parasites have moved in-and are quite content!


The liver is a fat burning machine and normalizes weight by pumping excess fat out of the body through the bile and into the small intestines.Fiber reduces the re-uptake of fat and toxins from the gut to the liver.When you eat a low fiber diet,the bad fats get back into the bloodstream.Adequate amounts of HDL are not manufactured and LDL attaches to blood vessel walls.

A roll of fat at the waistline can be a sign of a fatty liver.This is a liver that has stopped processing fat and instead,has become a fat-storing organ,engorged and swollen with greasy deposits.No matter how much you diet or exercise,removing this fat roll will be impossible until you improve your liver function.


The water from your tap is chlorinated and probably fluoridated.Both of these are toxic gases that your liver must deal with.Don't add them to your liver load!

You need to avoid hydrogenated oils,heat-damaged fats,preservatives,chemical food colors,chemical taste enhancers,pesticides,sugar in all it's forms,artificial sweeteners,caffeine,and the many non-food additives listed on labels.All of these are toxins,yet we still eat them.Your busy liver becomes overworked trying to filter out these poisons so that they do not get into the bloodstream.What a responsibility!

-Use sweeteners such as honey,maple syrup and fruit only in moderation.Refined sugar is poison.
-Most dairy products are processed through pasteurization and homogenization.They are no longer the food nature intended.


This is a staple of holistic practitioners.It's a non-invasive method of removing toxins and gallstones from the liver and gallbladder.There are several ways to do this.First I'll describe the protocol that I've used.This was taught to me by my great-grandmother,who passed peacefully last year at the age of 103.She still had her gallbladder.

Most people should probably do a colon cleanse first,unless they've been consuming a high-fiber intake regularly.When you flush your liver and gallbladder,you want wide-open plumbing to eliminate through.The best way to achieve this is probably by using either colosan or oxy powder.They're both the same thing.

Use either one of these for 5 days and you should be good to go.

If you are still eliminating a lot of crap after 5 days,continue until you are not.
This protocol also calls for drinking 1-2 qt of apple juice a day for 5 days.The juice contains malic acid,which helps loosen the adhesions between the stones,breaking them them up,making them smaller and easier to pass.
The first time I did this,I passed a LOT of stones,ranging in size from a grapeseed,to a cherry pit.Throughout the day I'd say at least ¾ cup,if not more!I don't know how big a gall bladder is exactly,but mine had to be full to capacity.I can't tell you how relieved I felt to see that junk on the OUTSIDE.
There is the likelihood of some nausea and discomfort during this process,though it's probably not as bad as having your gallbladder removed.In fact, the more discomfort you experience the more you needed to do this.The first time I did this,I woke up during the night,feeling nauseas,although I didn't throw up,and went back to sleep fairly easily.A friend of mine did throw up,but he was still glad he did it when he saw the results.

Monday, 31 October 2011

This is my picture journal of my raw journey.  I may seem focused on my weight loss but I lost over 100 lbs and I feel so amazing.  This has been so simple, so many people have asked me how I did it.  I ate very simply... fruits like 3 oranges or 6 bananas every breakfast, a big delicious salad for lunch and an delicious entree like zucchini pasta or curried cabbage for dinner.  I was or am religious about drinking 1 liter of water when I rise every morning, I do not eat until I have a bowel movement (TMI) or wait at least 1 hour.  I also drink another liter at night.  I try not to eat past 6pm.  I also walk 2 miles everyday but I always did that so I know it the raw foods that I can give credit to my weight lose.

I find myself filled with so much love and compassion for all life now.  Whether it be an animal or a stranger.  I look at all people and wonder what good they have in them rather than what bad.. I am able to smile and laugh with those I used to be afraid of or shy away from.  I have changed so much.  In the first few pictures I wore a size 24W or 2X I had to walk with a stick because my knees were in such pain.  In the last few pictures I am wearing now a size 6 or 4P and no more pains more diseases too... I love my raw lifestyle...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

My 21 day water fast - Journal

If one gains control of ones appetite - they can than control all other aspects whether physical, emotional and spiritual and be in complete domain of themselves. I truly understand now why Jesus went into the wilderness and fasted so that He could fully communicate with Himself, His master and His creation.

‎"Fasting cures diseases, dries up bodily tumors, puts demons to flight, gets rid of the impure thoughts, makes the mind clear, and the heart pure, and the body sanctified and raises humanity to the throne of God."

So here's a day by day account of my water fast and I hope it encourages someome else to walk this path.  I drank 1.5 littre of water daily -  do not drink too much because it may effect your electrolites.

MINDSET = You will be hungry - deal with it.  You will be weak - Deal with it.  Get rest and take good care of yourself - Most of all realize this is a wonderful thing you are doing.

First let me say a water fast is not easy - it takes a mindset, strong determination and physical strenth.  I strarted mine after being raw and detoxed for months - there will be periods of weakness that you must understand.  If you feel you are not physically prepared wait until you are. Make sure you can do this fast when you can stay at home for 21 days and get as much rest and sleep as you can.  If necessary you may need someone to supervise your fast.  I did mine at home and had no major issues however.  

DAY 1-
My 1st day was really not eventful.  But this was the only day which I had any doubt as too if I would make it.  I had loads of energy.  I empty my bowels several times.  Take this day to prepare your mind.

Weakness greeted me when I woke up.  I felt like I could not even stand but I did because I had an electrician show up to work on my power supply.  Hunger pangs started but I dealt with them as a form of "talking" from my body and I just talked back - LOL  When I weighed I was shocked to unbelief that I lost 13 lbs in one day!!!

By day 3 I realized I needed to go horizontal.  I started to spend a hour laying down and a hour up - it worked well for me.

Had my 1st poop (very tiny) since day 1.  Pre-poop-I was weakened for about 45 minutes and didin't understand why I felt physically sick- I couldn't even drink water.  But once I went to the bathroom I felt great.

Still very weak but with proper rest I felt good still.  Never really stopped doing things around the house and working onmy computer and repair other laptops.

Woke up feeling awful but by midday I was up and at it again.  Found that I could not take in as much water so I cut down to 1 litre.

Day 7 
Pooped again and realised that was why I was not feeling so great the day before.  It's strange how intune I have become with my body.  When my tummy growls{could feel the muscles tighten} I just give a few sips of water and it shuts up.

Today I noticed when I slept I had deep sleeps.  My dreams were vivid.  I  dreamt a lot about eating - not me eating but everyone around me eating.  I would even see my dogs and cat eating....Funny thing this made me want to get more rest.

My creative juices kicked in big time.  I started making jewelry of all things.  This was weird because a couple months earlier in a spirtual revelation I decided to stop wearing jewelry.  But I started making jewelry with natural things and old gold and stones I had in my jewelry box.

DAY 10-
Woke up feeling awesome - Pooped again but I felt a bit more energy.

DAY 11
Okay not sure what happened but I went into full drive- I had such a burst of energy I started wondering what was in my water-lol.  I realise my body must have started into the ketosis stage where the fats were being converted into sugars - this was great because during this process the toxins stored in the fats cells were being released.

DAY 12.
My tongue started turning white.  The tongue is one of the organs where toxins were relaeased - I understood this and realized once I completed my detoxing I would have a pink tongue again.  

DAY 13
I began to taste the toxins coming through my mouth.  YUK...all in the game.

DAY 14
Another burst of energy- I rearranged my kitchen and even moved my fridge from one side to the other.

DAY 15
Started to notice more dizziness when I stood up or bent down but never to the point of fainting..I would just sit back down and get up a bit more slowly.  Still had lots of energy

DAY 16
Got a pimple on my cheek - realized toxins were working there way out.

DAY 17 
Weighed again and no more weight lose - starting to want to sleep more

Day 18
Very emotional today.  A lot of old demons started to surface.  I wanted to ask for forgiveness to anyone I had ever caused pain - especially my children.  I cryied so much I feel I realeased a lot of toxins through my tears.

Day 19
Started worring about not having a bowel movement for so long and contemplated doing an enema.  Then I had one :))

DAY 20
Just pure excitememt for making it so far and I was at the end of this amazing journey.When Iweighed today I was pleased I lost over 20lbs.  But I know I lost more in inches.

DAY 21
Never so hungry in my life!  I guess because I knew I was going to start eating soon - my mindset changed.  Didi a epson salts enema to get the last of every thing out and felt great.  I broke my fast with 4oz of orange juice diluted by half with water.

I noticed my detox symptoms were minimal because my system was basically clean.  I prepared food for my family and really enjoyed smelling and handling the vegetables.  They say digestion begins in the smells, touch and handling food and this really helped me.

Good luck to anyone considering a 21 day fast and I will be here always as a support.

Lots of love and light

Monday, 6 June 2011

I hope by telling my story someone will be be able to find true health and reverse their sickness as I was able to.

My name is Toni.  I live in the mountains in the tropics and feel so blessed with the abundant sunshine, clean air and nature that surrounds me daily.  I moved to Jamaica 21 years ago with my husband.  We were very much in love and healthy and enjoyed our lives to the fullest capacity.  We would talk and dream about growing old together; we were both vegetarian and very spiritual.  I thought we were healthy.  We would go on long hikes together and just enjoy God's wonderful creation.

As the years went by I realized that I was not as healthy as my husband.  I started to gain weight and tried many diet and exercise programs to lose the pounds.  Nothing really worked and if I did lose some I gained back more.  My father was diabetic and he died from renal failure in 1995.  Then in 2004 I was also diagnosed with diabetes.  This really surprised me because I truly thought I was eating healthy.  I always heard you can control your diabetes with proper diet so I became more vigilant; I basically cut out carbohydrates and all sugars even fruits.  It was disappointing to say the least because I just got fatter and my health just got worse.  I even developed High Blood Pressure and heart conditions.

By 2010 I weighed 230 lbs!  And forget those romantic hikes with my true love - I could barely climb the steps in our home.  And forget growing old together because I had to stop most of the activity I loved, gardening, swimming and hiking because I just did not have the strength or energy and I looked like a whale if I put on a swim suit.

I gave up.  My pills were not helping and I started to get the complications of diabetes like neuropathy and I was in fear my toes were going to be amputated soon as I had very little feelings in them and bad nail infections.  I resigned myself that my father died from this disease and so would I.

One night my neuropathy was acting up so badly I could not sleep.  I went on my computer to see if I could find some magic remedy so I could at least rest for a few hours.  I stumbled across a video in which Bill Clinton was explaining how he went on a plant based diet and was able to loose 24 lbs in 30 days and regain his health. My interests were piqued, so I Googled for more information about the plant based diet.  What I discovered changed my life forever.  I discovered on 100's of sites the raw food diet.  I read and read and read and cried because I immediately realized that this was my answer.  There were people on the net like Dr. Gabriel Cousens who were actually reversing diabetes by simply having you stop eating cooked food.  I was amazed and overjoyed and I made myself a promise and commitment that I was doing this for 2 weeks and I too was going to be healed.

I started the very next morning.  I was worried I was going to starve!!!  To my surprise I was really satisfied with the fruits and vegetable I was eating.  I started to prepare the most amazing dishes and salads and even my husband thought the food was outstanding considering it was 100% raw.  I shared my dishes with friends and neighbors and they too were impressed.  This made it exciting and encouraging. By day 3 my blood pressure readings dropped from a constant high around 197/101 to 109/67..truly amazing  I kept taking my readings every minute because it seemed so unreal!  And I felt awesome  I had energy.  I didn't want to even lay down during the day like I used to and I slept through the night (hadn't done that for 20 years).  My eyes, skin and hair became bright, shinny ad healthy - even my breath and body had no odors.

Well 2 weeks were up but I realized I was raw for life!!!!  I was even more ecstatic when on day 22 raw I took my glucose test and my readings were down from a high of 455 to under 100!!!!!!  So in 30 days I stopped taking all medication - my body was cured.

Daily I noticed my body's positive response to my new lifestyle.  I started walking 2-4 miles daily uphill, all my aches and pains had vanished.  And as a little added bonus I had the most amazing transformation - In 5 months of raw my weight went from 230lbs to 148lbs - Yes I lost 82lbs in 5 months.  I went from a 3X to a size 8 -  even my feet got small again.

I was not going to die from diabetes - Wow!

How would just eating raw fruits and vegetables reverse chronic sickness you ask.  Here's how:  Every single plant has living cells and enzymes.  These enzymes when consume allow the body and blood cells to regenerate and grow.  This happens every day in our bodies.  But think about it if we put the wrong things in our bodies the cells will still regenerate except very unhealthy.  Living foods make health cells.  When you cook or heat up a food above 118F you kill the necessary enzymes to allow the body to heal itself.  So cooked food is mainly dead food.  Medication and drugs can not heal they only fight the symptoms of dead cells.  Even and especially chemotherapy  Surgery only cuts away a symptom but does not heal.. Only a diet of whole living raw fruits and vegetables can cure our bodies.  And you effortlessly lose excess weight, you feel fantastic as well.

I started a facebook group called Raw and Delicious Lifestyles so I could share, learn and teach others.  I also do retreats in the beautiful jungles where people can come and relax and learn all  about this wonderful lifestyle.  I know of hundreds of other people who have lost weight and chronic diseases even cancer just by eliminating processed foods, and eating 100% whole raw living fruits and vegetables.

I have this blog to reach out and hope I am touching someone today.

I love you and I love life. ~ Toni