Saturday, 15 October 2011

My 21 day water fast - Journal

If one gains control of ones appetite - they can than control all other aspects whether physical, emotional and spiritual and be in complete domain of themselves. I truly understand now why Jesus went into the wilderness and fasted so that He could fully communicate with Himself, His master and His creation.

‎"Fasting cures diseases, dries up bodily tumors, puts demons to flight, gets rid of the impure thoughts, makes the mind clear, and the heart pure, and the body sanctified and raises humanity to the throne of God."

So here's a day by day account of my water fast and I hope it encourages someome else to walk this path.  I drank 1.5 littre of water daily -  do not drink too much because it may effect your electrolites.

MINDSET = You will be hungry - deal with it.  You will be weak - Deal with it.  Get rest and take good care of yourself - Most of all realize this is a wonderful thing you are doing.

First let me say a water fast is not easy - it takes a mindset, strong determination and physical strenth.  I strarted mine after being raw and detoxed for months - there will be periods of weakness that you must understand.  If you feel you are not physically prepared wait until you are. Make sure you can do this fast when you can stay at home for 21 days and get as much rest and sleep as you can.  If necessary you may need someone to supervise your fast.  I did mine at home and had no major issues however.  

DAY 1-
My 1st day was really not eventful.  But this was the only day which I had any doubt as too if I would make it.  I had loads of energy.  I empty my bowels several times.  Take this day to prepare your mind.

Weakness greeted me when I woke up.  I felt like I could not even stand but I did because I had an electrician show up to work on my power supply.  Hunger pangs started but I dealt with them as a form of "talking" from my body and I just talked back - LOL  When I weighed I was shocked to unbelief that I lost 13 lbs in one day!!!

By day 3 I realized I needed to go horizontal.  I started to spend a hour laying down and a hour up - it worked well for me.

Had my 1st poop (very tiny) since day 1.  Pre-poop-I was weakened for about 45 minutes and didin't understand why I felt physically sick- I couldn't even drink water.  But once I went to the bathroom I felt great.

Still very weak but with proper rest I felt good still.  Never really stopped doing things around the house and working onmy computer and repair other laptops.

Woke up feeling awful but by midday I was up and at it again.  Found that I could not take in as much water so I cut down to 1 litre.

Day 7 
Pooped again and realised that was why I was not feeling so great the day before.  It's strange how intune I have become with my body.  When my tummy growls{could feel the muscles tighten} I just give a few sips of water and it shuts up.

Today I noticed when I slept I had deep sleeps.  My dreams were vivid.  I  dreamt a lot about eating - not me eating but everyone around me eating.  I would even see my dogs and cat eating....Funny thing this made me want to get more rest.

My creative juices kicked in big time.  I started making jewelry of all things.  This was weird because a couple months earlier in a spirtual revelation I decided to stop wearing jewelry.  But I started making jewelry with natural things and old gold and stones I had in my jewelry box.

DAY 10-
Woke up feeling awesome - Pooped again but I felt a bit more energy.

DAY 11
Okay not sure what happened but I went into full drive- I had such a burst of energy I started wondering what was in my water-lol.  I realise my body must have started into the ketosis stage where the fats were being converted into sugars - this was great because during this process the toxins stored in the fats cells were being released.

DAY 12.
My tongue started turning white.  The tongue is one of the organs where toxins were relaeased - I understood this and realized once I completed my detoxing I would have a pink tongue again.  

DAY 13
I began to taste the toxins coming through my mouth.  YUK...all in the game.

DAY 14
Another burst of energy- I rearranged my kitchen and even moved my fridge from one side to the other.

DAY 15
Started to notice more dizziness when I stood up or bent down but never to the point of fainting..I would just sit back down and get up a bit more slowly.  Still had lots of energy

DAY 16
Got a pimple on my cheek - realized toxins were working there way out.

DAY 17 
Weighed again and no more weight lose - starting to want to sleep more

Day 18
Very emotional today.  A lot of old demons started to surface.  I wanted to ask for forgiveness to anyone I had ever caused pain - especially my children.  I cryied so much I feel I realeased a lot of toxins through my tears.

Day 19
Started worring about not having a bowel movement for so long and contemplated doing an enema.  Then I had one :))

DAY 20
Just pure excitememt for making it so far and I was at the end of this amazing journey.When Iweighed today I was pleased I lost over 20lbs.  But I know I lost more in inches.

DAY 21
Never so hungry in my life!  I guess because I knew I was going to start eating soon - my mindset changed.  Didi a epson salts enema to get the last of every thing out and felt great.  I broke my fast with 4oz of orange juice diluted by half with water.

I noticed my detox symptoms were minimal because my system was basically clean.  I prepared food for my family and really enjoyed smelling and handling the vegetables.  They say digestion begins in the smells, touch and handling food and this really helped me.

Good luck to anyone considering a 21 day fast and I will be here always as a support.

Lots of love and light


  1. she had a purposeful determination and once again succeeded

  2. Thank you Toni. I'm on my 9th Day today, livng in Athens Greece, big city and got to travel for a couple of hours every day to get to work. I started with the intention of completing a three day fast but when I went online to see how to break the fast I saw that its good to wait for "Real Hunger" to kick in.. So i keep going. I never thought I would make it so far doing my job as a lawyer, but we're great creatures after all. Thank you for all the inspiration. May God bless you

  3. Sorry for all the typos I'm typing on my phone. In a nutshell your story is inspiring.

  4. Inspiring story..I came across this water fasting based diet system. I hope it helps. Hey, you can thank me later.

  5. Inspiring story..I came across this water fasting based diet system. I hope it helps. Hey, you can thank me later.